Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Christmas in Hawaii

I think the best place to start for this year is sharing some of our most fabulous pictures from our family Christmas vacation in Maui this year. I was slightly nervous about the idea....very little presents and 80 degree weather on Christmas Day, but I have to say...IT WAS PERFECT. I'm thinking it's a Christmas my kids will remember for years.

A little David Haselhoff on the beaches of Hawaii....

I have to be honest...I was a little nervous about how these two would take to the ocean since they insisted they would get eaten by sharks, but I think their faces say it all.
This one couldn't get any sweeter.....

Crack kills....even in Hawaii.
Leave it to Aunt SaDee to take a fun experience and make it dysfunctional.
Just in case you're wondering...yes, that is a fanny pack over a speedo.
Robby slightly nauseated on our whale watching adventure.
Yes..Kaiden is not longer a child and I'm convinced he thought the trip rule of no texting was totally uncool of his parents.
Way too cool for a shirt, but just cool enough for a hat and sunglasses.
Nothing like a Hawaiian Snowcone on Christmas Day.
Truly...the trip couldn't have been more perfect.


Richard and Michelle said...

How fun, you guys look so freaking cute.

The Kelly's said...

What a blast! I thought Kaiden was Robb in one of those pictures. Crazy.

thebarrusfamily said...

I have to admit... I'm a little jealous. Ok... a lot. :) Looks like so much fun!!!

Brooke and Justin said...

Jealous!!! Someday....... maybe I can get Justin to take me there.

Art Show

Tonight was Cooper and Connor's Art Show which displayed all the art work they completed this summer during Rachel Waters' art class. They started about 5 weeks ago and completed a different art project every week. Tonight, family got to come and see their projects on display. It was so fun. Cooper and Connor are very artistic and love to create. Rachel, their art teacher, was awesome. She came up with the cutest projects and helped ignite their creativity. It was a great experience and I'm so proud of their great work!!